Update 5 – Unity Ads API Implementation

This week I decided to implement the Unity Ads API as my monetisation method in the game. To implement Unity Ads, I just had to download the Unity Ads package and then import it into my Unity project. Once I had imported the package correctly, I just had to make sure I had the Unity ads set up on the Unity dashboard. Once this was done, I created an AdManager class that handled all my advertisements throughout the app. I decided that, based on other hyper-casual games, I was going to show a banner ad inside of all levels, show a full screen ad every 5 times the grid generates (but only after the user completes a level) and then I wanted to use a rewarded ad to allow the users to watch an ad to skip a level.

The implementation for Unity Ads was simple as I only had to call Advertisement.Show(nameOfAd) and then it would show the advertisement to the user correctly.

Here is what a banner looks like in the Unity Editor:

Here is a working full screen ad in the Unity Editor:

Here is a working reward ad in the Unity Editor with my unlocking animation: https://gyazo.com/d02a163fcf744edf21f4cf274eedfc5e

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