Update 6 – Unity IAP API Implementation

After I setup the Unity Ads API I decided that I wanted the user to have a way to remove the ads if they didn’t want to watch them all. So, I looked at other hyper-casual games and saw that they would often sell a “No Ads” package for around £2.99. Therefore, I implemented the Unity IAP system to allow the user to pay to remove advertisements. Throughout my placement I had used Unity IAP a lot, so I already had the knowledge to be able to add my purchasing quite quickly and effectively.

I decided to set up the “No Ads” product as a Non-Consumable product so that if the users deleted the app and then redownloaded it they would still have the “No Ads” product enabled. However, this required me to do some purchase restoration in order to make sure that the product was being restored correctly.

Here is my remove ads button working in the Unity Editor: https://gyazo.com/aab5c8ed1d323101cd217dcce5fd3daf

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