Update 10 – v1.0.2

After I released v1.0.1 I continued requesting feedback and looked at putting my game on more sites such as Reddit. From these posts I managed to generate some more downloads and therefore, receive more valuable feedback. So, this is a summary of the points of feedback I received from the 1.0.1 update:


  • Polished
  • Looks good
  • Interesting
  • Confetti and celebratory text are nice
  • Addictive
  • Simple
  • Even a 6-year-old could play it

Points of improvement/bugs

  • Too many colours
  • The ads start too soon
  • Improve transition speed
  • Use calmer sound effects
  • Start screen level doesn’t update if you return to it
  • The menu system is not responsive
  • You can touch the content behind the popups
  • Level 20 was too hard
  • Hard to understand the difference between red and dark red

Alongside the direct comments I received from the users, I also had a large amount of analytics data to use to judge how the game is going. Therefore, these are the main points that I noticed from the first 5 days of the game:


  • I had 178 users
  • The average play time was around 10 minutes per user
  • I had received 2 purchases of the no ads product
  • At least one person has completed all 200 levels
  • People do not often fail levels multiple times


  • Around 20-30% of users completed the first 10 levels with most users dropping off after the first level or after seeing an ad
  • Have around 5-25% retention

Here is my graph for the % of users who completed the first 10 levels:

As you can see from this image, the number of users who complete the first 10 levels seem to be levelling out at around 20%. Therefore, the on boarding flow of the game is the key area of the game that needs to be looked at as this number is too low. Another potential cause of the this is that ads are also shown in the first 10 levels, therefore, users could be leaving the application as soon as they see the first advertisement.

Based on this graph, you can see that the average playtime per user changes dramatically after the 3rd of November. This could be because many users had played the app to provide me with feedback but had not actually played the game for a considerable amount of time.

So, based on the feedback and the analytics data I started working out what I wanted to include in version 1.0.2. The key change that I wanted to make in this version was to convert the main game grid into 3D. I decided to do this to try and make the game a bit more visually appealing in the hope that it would increase retention. I also used some advanced techniques, such as zoning to make the player feel like they are progressing through the levels. I also used a new animation of the level moving down to make the player feel like they are moving to the next level. While moving over the grid to 3D I noticed that it wasn’t very performant, so I rewrote lots of the grid generation system, so it just uses an object pool instead of destroying and creating the grid every time. This reduced the time it takes to generate the grid from around 30ms to around 2ms. Therefore, I was able to make my animations feel a bit snappier and just generally a bit smoother.

Another key decision that I made in version 1.0.2 was to reduce the prominence of the level selection so that the user doesn’t have to navigate through the level selection to get to the next level. I have done this to try and get the user into the game as quickly as possible and this reduces one of the steps that the user must take. This also addresses one of my points of feedback as it makes my whole menu system feel a bit snappier. I was considering removing the level selection as 100% of the people I asked about it said they never used it in my game, other than just selecting the next level. However, I decided against it as it would be good for people to replay previous levels if they are showing the game to someone else.

The other major change I made to try and increase the conversion in the first 10 levels was to completely remove full screen ads for the first 10 levels. I did this in the hope that more people might complete the first 10 levels and get addicted before viewing ads. Therefore, if they are already addicted to the game, they are much more likely to watch the ads or pay to remove them. This idea originally came from someone providing me feedback on version 1.0.1.

Therefore, these were the changes I made in version 1.0.2:

Adjusted the level selection so only 8 levels are shown at a time ( https://gyazo.com/fc46147325927a9d84cbcc40f11d9760 )

I swapped out the 2D grid for a new 3D grid!

Improved the flow between all levels ( https://gyazo.com/cc1362842276be8a424aa623532da7bc )

Improved the onboarding flow ( https://gyazo.com/2508e5111dcff9deed333f66f50c7c92 )

Improved multiple animations throughout the game ( https://gyazo.com/5f66f2e9cb7bf3c1b568d8a20dc65da6 )

Fixed numerous UI scaling issues on some devices ( https://gyazo.com/35e24825cfc6c486322a7178933195e6 )

As you can see, pretty much all these changes came from the analysis of the analytics data and the feedback received.

Version 1.0.2 was released on the 7th November on Android.

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