Update 11 – iOS Submission

After the success of the release on Android, I had one of my friends that I used to work with offer to make iOS builds for me so I could release the game on the App Store. I decided to take him up on this offer as I did not have a mac easily accessible to be able to create iOS builds. So, he helped me out by creating iOS builds and uploading them onto the App Store Connect so I could submit them to Apple. So, I paid for the Apple developer account and went through the process of setting up an account.

While Apple were reviewing my account, I started to prepare for releasing the application on the App Store. The first thing I had to do for iOS was to implement a popup explaining how the IAP works and I also had to add a button to restore purchases as it does not happen automatically on iOS. Another thing that I had to complete before my game was ready to submit to Apple was to create a privacy policy. I devised my privacy policy and then uploaded it here: https://kierantownley.com/privacy-policy/. In my privacy policy I had to explain how I was using data and how I use Unity Ads/Analytics.

Once Apple approved my account, I started to go through the process of submitting my app to the app store. I submitted the first version to Apple on the 6th of November and it was rejected for 2 things. The first one was that my in-app purchase was not executed correctly, and the other reason was because some of my UI was overlapping on iPad. This issue was quickly resolved by adjusting the canvas scaling to work on all resolution sizes.

This is the response I received from Apple:

This was then fixed as part of the version 1.0.2 update: https://gyazo.com/35e24825cfc6c486322a7178933195e6

The second time I submitted my app to the App Store it was accepted and then it became publicly available on the 8th November.

Here is a link to Hex Disarm on the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hex-disarm/id1485861396

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