Update 12 – Version 1.03 (iOS) and 1.0.4 (Android)

After launching Hex Disarm on iOS and Android, I left the game for a few weeks to gather lots of critical data and feedback. After leaving the game for a few weeks I then analysed all my data and organised all my feedback. Alongside gathering feedback from users who have played the game I also had a meeting with Oli Christie at Neon Play to discuss my game and he also gave me a lot of useful feedback to implement into this update.

These were the main points of feedback I received:



  • Tutorial is not clear
  • The first tutorial level does not give an accurate representation of the game
  • Stuck on level 28
  • The tiles overlap the popups on the first few levels
  • There is no haptic feedback on the green tiles
  • Glitches when a bomb is processed, and you press something else
  • Shame there’s only 200 levels
  • Confused by colours
  • The sounds are annoying and need to be removed or looked at
  • Remove the delay when disarming the last bomb
  • Should be clearer as to what tile is the bomb
  • Should be able to scroll through level selection
  • Show the user red, orange or yellow tiles instead of the bomb

While I was at my meeting with Oli Christie, he also gave me some valuable marketing advice for Hex Disarm. He stated that he would expect Hex Disarm to have a CPI of around $1 because it is harder for the user to understand as they will have to use their brain. Therefore, it might not work very well as a hyper-casual game.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the game cannot be profitable, but it does mean that the marketing plan will have to be adjusted. So, if the game has a higher CPI it could be marketed as a puzzle game and then more in app purchases can be introduced in order to increase the Average Revenue Per Active Daily User (ARPDAU). For example, I could charge for level packs, different themes or different modes. Alternatively, instead of releasing the game for free I could potentially release it for a few pounds instead.

Alongside all this feedback, I also gathered a good amount of quantitative feedback.

I average around 12 Daily Active Users (DAU)

Android has 3x more active users than iOS

Since switching the game to 3D, removing ads in the first 10 levels and improving the on boarding of the game, the number of users who completed the first 10 levels jumped from around 20% to 40%. However, this is still a low amount of people completing the first 10 levels.

1 user has completed 102 levels in one session

1 user has completed all 200 levels. He also sent me this tweet:

This tweet also showed that he paid to remove advertisements as the no ads button is not on the screen.

Since launching Hex Disarm on Android, 3 people from Belgium, United Kingdom and United States have paid to remove advertisements from my game.

I currently have around 400 users.

The average user completes between 1 and 2 sessions

My day 1 retention is extremely low. However, this could be because many people downloaded my game just to provide me with feedback and weren’t my target audience.

However, my day 30 retention seems to be a bit better. This shows that some of my users are getting addicted to my game and are returning.

On average, my users complete around 15-40 levels.

Most of my users press the continue button as soon as they start the application.

Someone has completed 77 random levels!

On some days, over 30 random levels have been completed!

By using this quantitative data, I can establish that:

  • Most of my users are on Android. This could be because it launched first.
  • The changes I made in Version 1.0.2 made a considerable improvement to the number of users who completed the first 10 levels.
  • Some people have become addicted to my game. With one user completing all 200 levels and one user completing 103 levels in their first session!
  • 3 people have paid to remove advertisements from my game, so I’ve made around £8
  • My retention is not great but that could be due to who was downloading my game. If I paid to produce targeted adverts in order to attract my target audience maybe I would see a higher retention.
  • Some people enjoy playing my random levels. Perhaps I should look at charging for this mode to increase my revenue.

So, based on all my quantitative and qualitative feedback I changed these things in version 1.0.3 (iOS) and 1.0.4 (Android):

This update was released on the 1st December on Android, but the iOS update is likely to be released later because my access to a mac is very limited. It is expected to be released in December or January.

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